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Mark has always had a passion for the outdoors and in particular hunting, this lead him to turning his hand to taxidermy at a very young age. His initial career choices took him in different directions, however he always came back to his love of re-creating animals, what he saw in the wild.

With a desire to learn more about his passion, Mark undertook a course with one of New Zealand’s leading taxidermist who taught him the fundamentals of Taxidermy. Mark worked to hone those skills, which lead him to Canada where he worked with two World Champion Taxidermists Ken Walker and Brian Dobson.

Today Mark works to recreate memories/moments for people, whether it was the thrill of the chase or the spirit of the animal. Using an extensive reference library, knowledge gained from seminars attended at two World Taxidermy show’s and a knowledge of animals from his own hunting experiences, Mark works to produce a quality mount.

Mark’s wife Vanessa or one of the three budding Walker taxidermists work as support crew.

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